Cookie Stamp Tutorial

Cookie stamps or presses work best with homemade cookies made with REAL ingredients like butter. Real stick butter has less water thus helps the cookies hold their shapes better. Bread flour or a mixture of bread flour and all purpose or wheat flour also helps. And more gluten helps hold the shapes better.

With premade cookie dough, the shapes will usually melt away. You can use package mixes, however you will want to add some extra flour, again to help hold the shapes.

After making your cookie dough, make 1  1/2" dough balls and place them on a cool, UNGREASED cookie sheet. Follow the photos for the next few steps.

Spray the cookie stamps with a spray cooking oil like PAM. Lightly wipe the stamp of the excess oil. OPTIONAL... For a more festive cookie, you can dip the cookie stamp in colored sugar. Wipe the sugar off the surface of the cookie stamp so all that remains is what is in the mold.

Place the cookie stamp on top of a dough ball.

With even pressure, press the cookie stamp to flatten the dough ball.

Gently lift the stamp off.

Bake according to directions. If you didn't add colored sugar, then you can put a little colored frosting on the cookies once they are cooled.

Happy Baking and Have fun!