Cutting Board with Wine Glass Charms

Large board 12 3/4 x 9 5/8 x 3/8
8 Charms = $48.00

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Specify Design & Placement
Text, Size, Location & Font #
8 Charm Designs
Medium board 11 x 8 1/2 x 3/8
6 Charms = $35.00

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Specify Design & Placement
Text, Size, Location & Font #
6 Charm Designs
Small board 7 3/4 x 5 7/8 x 3/8
4 Charms = $25.00

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Specify Design & Placement
Text, Size, Location & Font #
4 Charm Designs

***For your free personal touches please give us the following information in the
"Specify Design & Placement" , "Text, Size, Location & Font #" and "8, 6 or 4 Charm Designs" sections
before clicking the Add to Cart button.

1. Choose the
Design Code for the Cutting Board from the list below (see the Designs page for images of our designs).
2. Tell us the location of the design (lower right side is the usual location).
3. What text you want us to put on your board
4. Approximate size of text
5. Location of text (upper left side is the usual location, and we will put it here unless you tell us otherwise)
6. Choose which
Font you want from the picture below. Just tell us the number. If you would like something else just contact us. We are happy to work with you.
7. Choose the
Design Codes for the eight, six or four Wine Glass Charms.

Design Codes
Anteater, Giant
Bear, Black
Bear, Black, Bear Head
Bear, Grizzly
Bear, Paw
Beaver, American
Butterfly, Monarch 1
Butterfly, Monarch 2
Camel, Dromedary
Cat, Tabby
Cheetah 1
Cheetah 2
Chickadee 1
Chickadee 2
Crane, Whooping
Deer, White Tail
Dog, Blue Healer Mix
Dog, Border Collie Mix
Dog, Newfoundland
Dog, Shepherd Mix
Dolphins, Bottlenose
Eagle, Bald 1
Eagle, Bald 2
Eagle, Bald 3
Elephant, Asian
Elephant Logo
Fox, Red 1
Fox, Red 2
Fox, Red 3
Gecko, Leopard
Giraffe, Masai 1
Giraffe, Masai 2
Gorilla, Low Land 1
Gorilla, Lowland 2
Gorilla, Lowland 3
Heron, Great Blue
Hummingbird, Ruby Throated
Hyena, Spotted
Jay, Blue 1
Jay, Blue 2
Lady Bug 1
Lady Bug 2
Lemur, Ring tailed
Leopard, African
Leopard, Snow 1
Leopard, Snow 2
Lion, African
Manatees, Florida
Marten, Pine
Moose 1
Mouse, Field
Nightingale Family
Orca, 1 jump
Orca, 2 breach
Orca, 3 leap
Orca, 4 spy hop
Otter, North American
Owl, Barred
Panda, Giant 1 baby
Panda, Giant 2 juvenile
Panda, Giant 3 juvenile
Panda, Red
Pelican, Brown
Ray, Manta
Salamander, Spotted
Squirrels, Gray
Tiger, Siberian
Whale, Humpback Breach
Whale, Humpback Diving
Whale, Right
Whale, Right
Wolf, Mexican Gray 1
Wolf, Mexican Gray 2
Woodpecker, Pileated
Zebra, Grevy's