Toaster/Tea Tongs


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New Product: Handcrafted Wooden Toaster/ Tea Tongs

Shipping weight: 4 oz.

Our wood tea tongs are perfect for removing tea bags from hot cups or teapots. They are also great for toasters too!

Engraved wooden tongs dimensions are approximately:7 3/8" long x " x 3/4" wide at handle x 1/4" thick andopens 1 1/8" wide (18.7cm x 31.9 cm x .6 cm and opens 2.85 cm wide)

Our wooden tongs are handcrafted, designed and engraved in our little workshop in Massachusetts. Proud to be made 100% in USA!

We use SUSTAINABLE AMERICAN HARDWOODS such as maple, cherry, walnut, beech, ash and hickory due to their sustainability, beauty and high density which makes them the ideal choice for kitchen accessories. We thoughtfully scrutinize each piece of lumber for extraordinary traits such as vivid colors, exceptional grains, and special figuring (bird’s eye, knots, naturally occurring staining or curly) to make every utensil unique. Once cut, each utensil is rounded over, painstakingly sanded and hand rubbed with an FDA approved food safe butcher’s block oil for a superior product that will last for generations.

Care and Maintenance:

Our line of wood utensils are solidly made. With a little care and maintenance your tongs should last for many years. Never put in a dish washer or submerge in water. Use a sponge and normal dish washing soap,then rinse in running water. Use 220 grit sandpaper to smooth wood then refinish using any natural vegetable based oil or an FDA approved food safe mineral oil such as salad bowl oil or butcher’s block oil.

Product photos are examples and the exact grains and colors will vary.